Honda Accord Caters to Any Lifestyle

Job – check. House in the suburbs, 2.4 kids and a dog – check, check and check!

You own a Honda Accord because it’s efficient, reliable, and affordable.

The Honda Accord is one of the best-selling cars in America in the past 40 years, and millions of hard-working people have made it so.

But say you’re … single, renting an apartment and have a goldfish because it’s the perfect, low-maintenance pet for the modern person on the go.

You also own the Honda Accord, and here’s why.


2017 Honda Civic EX – Perfectly in Sync for You

Blue Civic EX at Royal Honda

Royal Honda Internet Sales Manager Jared Hotard said some people don’t get too excited when he suggests they consider a Honda Civic.

“It’s a great vehicle, but it’s thought of as more of a basic vehicle,” Hotard said.

Then Hotard shows them the 2017 Honda Civic EX, and their opinions change in a hurry.

That’s due in large part to the Honda Civic EX’s new Apple CarPlay and Android Auto systems. Both automatically sync your Honda Civic with your cell phone, whether you prefer an iPhone or a Droid.


The Honda HRV will help you win the space race

Everyone seems to have a lot of everything these days, unless you’re talking about space … and cars.

Space, as in a place to put your stuff when on the move, or a parking space – are there ever enough of those available?

When it comes to toting personal cargo, or fitting in that tight parking space in the bustling city the Honda HRV is answering the call to action. 


The Honda CRV celebrates the tech-savvy mindset

Since the Honda CRV debuted in 1997, it has provided millions of owners with the efficiency, reliability, and affordability people expect with the Honda name.

So, what did Honda do to celebrate the model’s 20th anniversary? They added more icing on the CRV cake in the form of improvements.