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2020 Honda CR-V

Just like buying a home, buying a new car is a major investment in one’s life. Cars have evolved from merely a means of transportation to become a mark of luxury that tempts buyers to get their hands on the latest models every few years. It is up to you as a buyer to decide which car best fits your requirements. First, it is essential to understand your automotive needs, and then select a car based on those requirements.

 Above all else, you need to zero in on the car brand that best caters to your diverse requirements. There are plenty of car brands on the market that are known for their credible services and offerings. One such reliable car brand is Honda, a Japanese automotive manufacturing company. The Honda CR-V is a stunning crossover SUV known for its impeccable performance and sleek styling, as such it has been one of Honda’s top selling models for some time now. Below is a quick overview of what the Honda CR-V offers in its 2020 edition.

 2020 Honda CR-V

It is not difficult to understand why the CR-V is one of Honda’s best-selling models. The performance capabilities, unparalleled features, and stunning styling all are enough to determine the prominence of the CR-V in today’s market. By earning an amazing crash rating and constantly increasing its popularity among the customers, the CR-V has emerged as a powerful compact SUV. In its 2020 edition, the CR-V has gone through some major transformations that have enhanced its performance and look altogether.

 Turbocharged 1.5-Liter Engine

Starting with the engine, the 2020 Honda CR-V boasts a 1.4-liter engine as standard in all non-hybrid models. 

Advanced Safety Suite

Focusing on the safety and security of the driver and passengers, Toyota has revamped its safety suite as well. It comes with adaptive cruise control, pedestrian detection, automated, and crash prevention technology that prevents uncertain accidents on roads.

 Exterior Styling

You will also notice some minor changes in the exterior styling as well. It has kept the sporty exterior intact and added a gloss black grille that boosts its aggressive look. The tailgate spoiler is another major element of the exterior that improves the aerodynamics of the CR-V.

 Fifth Generation CR-V 

The 2020 CR-V is the fifth generation CR-V model, which was introduced back in 2017. Since then, there have been plenty of transformations in the car model that have significantly enhanced the capabilities of this compact SUV.  

The Bottom Line

Honda is a renowned car manufacturing company that has blended power-packed performance with sleek styling for decades. The CR-V is a crossover SUV that will surprise you in terms of its quality features and specifications. The features mentioned above are some of the major attractions that you can take advantage of in the 2020 Honda CR-V.