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5 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Used Car

Used Buying Tips in Metairie LA

Buying a used car doesn’t need to be a complicated process. If you prepare well and follow some simple steps, you can ace the game and choose the best used car. There are many impressive options in the market. It takes some research to choose the best among them. Here are some tips to make it simpler for you:

1. Stick to a Predefined Budget:
Like any other important investment, you need to set a budget for this car. You should set it in advance to avoid any last-minute setbacks. Figure out how much you can spend every month to pay the installments. The experts recommend this amount should not exceed 15% of your net income. Make some room in your budget to accommodate future expenses including taxes and license fees. Now that you have a budget, you can narrow down the choices and find your dream car.
2. Consider Your Needs:
Although online resources have simplified used car searches to great extent, you must know your actual needs before buying one. All the research in the world won’t help if you don’t know what you want. There are many important factors to be considered in this big decision.
Think about why you need this vehicle. Do you need it for a daily commute or spirited weekend drives? Consider the usual number of passengers traveling in this vehicle. Think about the fuel economy, cargo capacity, required parking space, all-wheel drive, child car seat, and necessary safety features that you want in your future vehicle.
3. Take a Look at Vehicle’s History:
After you’ve shortlisted some vehicles that you want to drive home, it’s time to check their history. You can ask the dealership for the vehicle history report. This report gives full details about pending title issues or any reported accidents pertaining to the car. You can also find this report online. Check for any record of flood damage, title status, theft history, known collision history, and odometer readings.
4. Test Drive the Car Thoroughly:
When buying a used car, don’t take chances. Ask for a longer test drive. The usual five minute spin around the block is not sufficient to know about the true conditions of a vehicle. Try for a minimum of forty-five minutes to test drive the vehicle on the potholed roads and highway to check its strength and performance. When driving the car, pay attention and listen to noises, if any. Check the air conditioner and transmission shifts during this ride.
5. Find a Certified Mechanic:
With a help of a certified mechanic, you can get the car inspected and determine its real condition. You can either befriend a certified mechanic to get this job done for you, or ask the dealership to provide a physical examination report. This shows you any glaring issues that may end up in costly repairs over time.
Follow these steps to make the most of your used car purchase. Ideally, go for a certified pre-owned vehicle sold by trusted dealerships.

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