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Holiday Road Trip Travel Tips

As with any other vacation, a road trip requires planning and prepping before you drive off into the sunset. Road tripping can be quite exhilarating, especially during the holidays, as it gives you an escape from the sometimes-overwhelming festivities. Use these tips, and you are bound to have a vacation of your life.

Program Your GPS for U-Turns

While GPS is highly reliable, there may be instances when your phone does not receive a good signal, and you are not sure if you are on the right road. So, always program your GPS for u-turns. Otherwise, you may end up driving hundreds of miles before getting back on your planned route.

Back Roads and Trails Are Not for Every Vehicle

While it is tempting to explore the back roads and trails while following a scenic route, but make sure that your vehicle is up for it. Navigating snowy slopes and rough terrain can be challenging without the right vehicle. So, first, research the route you will be taking and then pick the appropriate vehicle.

Keep Your Tank Full

If you are taking a rented vehicle for your road trip, don’t go cheap on fuel. You may want to leave nothing in the tank by the time you return the car but spending a few bucks more on fuel can save you a lot of heartache over the car, giving up close to the rental car parking lot. So, make sure that you fill the tank a little more than you think you will need to be on the safe side.

Estimate Your Fuel Costs

Zero out the odometer, fill up the tank, and driving around town till the tank is empty. Now you know how many miles you can travel on a full tank. Now, determine the number of miles that will be covering on your trip. Now, divide the total number of miles of your trip with the mileage of your car. Then multiply that with the per-gallon price of fuel, and this will give you the total fuel expenditure.

Pick Your Routes Wisely

Because road tripping is becoming a popular way to celebrate the holidays, it is very important that you pick your routes wisely else you run into the holiday traffic. Research on the roads less traveled and find one that suits you. This will allow you to enjoy the road trip and avoid the holiday traffic.

Never Speed, No Matter How Late It Gets

The last thing you want is to be pulled over for speeding. So, no matter how late it is, don’t give in to the temptation to press down on the accelerator. Also, a road trip is more about the sights that you take in while traveling than reaching your destination.

Keep License and Registration Handy

Have current documents such as, license, registration, and insurance at hand in the off chance that you get pulled over. Going on a road trip is a lot of fun, albeit some planning. With these tips, you can have an exciting holiday road trip without any significant mishaps.