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How to Clean Pollen Off Your Car

Car Cleaning Tips

Even with all its beauty, spring has its disadvantages. Spring is trouble for anyone allergic to pollen, with all the running noses and sneezing fits. Air carries pollen far and wide, spreading the powder all around. Not only does pollen annoy you, but it can also affect your car.

But hang on, don’t axe your trees and plants just yet. There are many ways you can save you and your car from pollen without having to chop away every plant and tree in the city.
Keep Your Car Inside
Leaving your car in an open parking lot or driveway during spring is not a very good idea because pollen can enter your car and hide in every nook and cranny. Every time you open the window or door of your car, pollen has an opportunity to sneak inside. Park your car in an enclosed space can help prevent all of this and keep your car safe.
Clean Your Car Regularly
It is a good idea to keep your car clean during spring. Wash your car more frequently and rinse off any blankets of pollen that try to form on your hood. You might want to start carrying baby wipes in your car. Wipe down the steering wheel and any pieces you touch inside the car when you get in so that you don’t get pollen all over you. Even if pollen only gets on your hands, it can enter your body through your face and nose and worsen your allergies.
Keep Your Pets Clean
Even your pets can carry pollen. Every time you bring them inside your car, you need to be sure that they are free of pollen. Brush their coat and wipe their paws off before you allow them inside. You could also vacuum your car more frequently in spring pick up trace amounts of pollen.
Steps to Keep Pollen off Your Car
Wash your vehicle with a car soap and water. Use a water hose and a pressure nozzle for the best effect. Clean the roof first by spraying the water until all the pollen is gone. Next, move to the windshield, the side windows, and to the rear window. Don’t just stop there. Continue washing to the bottom of the car to make sure all the pollen is rinsed off your car. Don’t leave any spot unattended.
After you finish rinsing, you can add some car wash solution to your water and use a heavy duty sponge to clean every surface of your car like before. Use separate sponges for different parts, like the wheels and glass. Dry off your car with a dry towel. Don’t forget to apply car wax after you finish drying.
Follow these steps to get pollen off your car without harming the paint or body of your car.

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