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How to Get Dog Hair Out of Your Car

Dog Hair Removal

Dogs are adorable, but not when they shed all over the inside of your car. Cleaning out so much dog hair seems like an impossible task, especially when your dog sheds a lot. Here are a few simple cleaning tricks to remove the hair from your car without tearing out your own.

Pumice Stone
This reliable and cost-effective tool is ideal for removing pet hair from your car’s interior. You will need a spray bottle, fabric softener, water, and a small bucket. Fabric softener will break the static current on your car’s floor. This reduces the abrasiveness of the pumice stone and helps the pet hair to come off easily. You can get rid of the debris on your stone by rinsing it with fabric softener solution or by simply dipping it into a bucket of water.
A solution of 7-parts water to 1-part fabric softener is enough for releasing pet hair, eliminate the static cling, and give a fresh look to your upholstery.
Wire Brush
A wire brush comes handy when you are trying to remove the dog hair from difficult corners of your car. Wire brushes can be used at the end of the cleaning process to ensure that no debris is left behind. A rubber-bristle brush can also be used.
This is the quickest, easiest, and most effective way to remove pet hair. First, do a quick vacuum job to get rid of the loosest hairs. Then, snap on a bristled vacuum attachment to get the stuck hair. These small bristles can remove stubborn hair strands that get attached to your vehicle’s carpet and seats. Consider using a handheld vacuum because are very compact and offer great maneuverability in tight corners.
Compressed Air
While vacuums provide great suction, air compressors blow away your dog hair. Aim the compressor where you would like to clean, and press the trigger to say goodbye to dog hair. The compressed air must be strong enough to loosen the most stubborn hair. You can supplement the air compressor with a brush to deep clean the upholstery of your car. Be careful when you use an air compressor. You don’t want the dog fur to fly all around your car. Aim the compressor at a single point, so you can collect the hair easily after it’s loosened.
Use A Balloon
This unconventional cleaning technique works because of static electricity. Blow the balloon to full size and rub it where you see hair. The static electricity will attract the dog hair like a magnet. Clean off the hair from the balloon in between cleaning sessions, or just blow up a new one when you see more dog hair.
Preventing dog hair from taking over your car can be a challenge. However, there are many ways to clean it. These simple yet effective tips will make your cleaning stress-free and worth your time.

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