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The Best Holiday Car Sales Events

The Best Holiday Car Sales Events

If you are looking forward to getting a new car for the best price, a holiday car sales event is the right time to buy. Car dealerships organize sales events many times during the year. Here we have listed the best holiday car sales events that provide great money-saving deals.

Presidents Day Car Sales

Presidents Day is observed on the third Monday in February and is the first extended holiday weekend after Christmas. The three-day weekend encourages many people to go out shopping. Car dealerships announce great deals on cars to attract people during Presidents Day. There are many reasons for car dealerships offering a discounted price on cars, especially on all-wheel-drive vehicles and SUVs with winter coming to an end. Hence, car dealerships offer deals on such vehicles to move inventory before spring arrives. 

Memorial Day Car Sales

Memorial Day is on last Monday in the month of May. It marks the arrival of the summer season, which is also one of the most welcoming months to travel around in your car. The summer season is also known for car shopping. The three-day weekend gives people extra time to check deals and visit car dealerships for discounts on their favorite models. Car dealerships also have pressure to reduce their old inventory as new models arrive during the fall. 

4th of July Car Sales

To celebrate Independence Day, car dealerships organize sales events on 4th July to attract buyers. Though the discounts offered during Independence Day car sales might not be as high as other car sales events, you can still get a good deal. Make sure you conduct good research on ongoing price trends and the MSRP of your favorite car models. Negotiate the best price with the salesperson and be ready to walk away if the discount is not good enough. 

Labor Day Car Sales

On September’s first Monday, Labor Day brings you good car deals for many reasons. Car dealerships that had lower sales in the month of August need to catch up with their sales targets. The three-day weekend gives people an extra day for shopping, and it is an opportunity for car dealerships to draw people to car showrooms. Also, Labor Day also marks the unveiling of the new models for the coming year. Hence, car dealerships offer deep discounts on current year models and get the old inventory moving. 

Black Friday Car Sales

Black Friday is known as the biggest shopping day across the world. On Black Friday, you will see almost every online and offline retailer offering deep discounts to cash in on the buying frenzy. Car dealerships also take advantage of retail frenzy in customers. You are more likely to get good car deals during Black Friday car sales as car dealerships are eager to sell current year models quickly and close out the year with stronger sales. 

No matter the type of vehicle you want, a holiday car sales event can help you get your dream vehicle for less in comparison to other times during the year.