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Tips and Tricks to Get Your Vehicle Ready for Tailgating Season

Football is one of the most popular pastimes in America. No matter what the outcome of the game is, it’s guaranteed to be fun. Being a football fanatic, you have numerous essentials to make an excellent tailgating environment. Undoubtedly, the most important among them is driving the perfect ride. Here we share some ultimate tips to prepare a tailgating-friendly vehicle.

Bring A Car with Plenty of Cargo Space

Bigger vehicles like minivans and trucks offer more cargo space but need more space in the parking lot as well. Smaller cars offer easy maneuvering in traffic, but may not hold all your tailgating gear. Pick a car size depending on your needs.

Make sure your vehicle incorporates all tailgating-friendly features such as reversible benches, built-in coolers, live satellite TV, folding tables and more.

Portable Speakers are Great for Fun

If you lack space in your car, then a great idea is to carry portable speakers. Speakers can be connected easily to the music system of your car. Just play the music or tune into the radio station the game is being broadcast on. Portable speakers need less cargo space, and a single charge can deliver hours of functionality. However, on a safer side, do carry chargers for the speakers.

Prepare and Store Food

You can plan either to grill or bring pack pre-made food. Just set the correct temperature inside so that your food stays fresh for longer. Common foods like hotdogs, burgers stay safe at a temperature of at least 160 Degrees Fahrenheit. 

Deli trays or subs can be prepared in separate coolers and enjoyed one after the other. In favorable weather conditions, food can be left out for two hours before it is consumed. But if it’s hot and bright, consume the food within one hour.

Decorate Your Vehicle

A great way to save time and fuss during the tailgating season is to make your car stand out and visible among similar cars. This is possible with decoration. Window paints are fun and let you create a distinctive design on your car, which can be seen from far away. 

Clean Up

Every tailgate party ends at some point, and you would not want your car to be filled with mess. Cleanup can be made easier by using washable seat covers. Use wet wipes and cargo mats to protect the car from getting stained or dirty.

Give your vehicle a quick wash once you are back at home. This way, you will also be ready for the next tailgating weekend.

There are endless entertainment options for tailgating. If there is space, you can carry movie projectors, kitchen ranges and a lot of other stuff. Just be more creative and follow these tips to get more action during this tailgating season.