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Tips for Cleaning Car Windows Without Streaks

For many people, their car is a reflection of their personality and a clean, shiny car means a clean, shiny personality. Also, having clean windows is practical as it ensures enhanced visibility. But, nothing is more off-putting like having ugly streaks showing on the windows. So, here are some tips on how to clean your car windows without leaving streaks. 

There Are Two Sides to the Window

Most of us forget that the car window has two sides. The inside and outside. We end up cleaning the outside and are not happy with the results. Obviously, because the inside is dirty and is showing through. So, make sure that you clean both the inside and the outside thoroughly.

Always Use Microfiber Towels

People tend to use any cloth at hand to clean their car windows and wonder why the results are not satisfactory. Well, that’s because most types of cloth shed fibers that stick to the window when cleaning. Using microfiber towels instead ensures that no fibers remain on the window. This is so because, these towels, due to their tight weave, don’t shed fibers.

It’s All About Technique

You can have tons of high-prices, high-quality products and still end up with streaks on your car windows. The reason is that you are not using the right technique. With the right kind of technique, you just need soapy water and a couple of microfiber towels to have bright and shiny windows on your car. 

When using cleaning fluid, don’t spray it directly on the window, instead, spray it on the towel and then wipe the dirt off with the towel. This should be done in rhythmic and spreading movements to cover the entire surface of the window. Once you have cleaned all the dirt and grime. Then use a wet towel to wipe off the cleaning agent and then a dry towel to remove any streaks.

Ammonia Is Bad For Your Car’s Health

Most cleaning agents have some amount of ammonia. Ammonia is bad for you and your car. Most car surfaces are rubber, leather, and vinyl, and none of them react well to ammonia. Apart from that, tainted windows are at risk of damage to the film by the use of ammonia-based products. Moreover, ammonia fumes can be harmful to you as well. So, our verdict is to skip ammonia-based cleaning products.

Wipe the Wipers

The wipers on your windshield help wipe down water when it’s raining so that you can see well. But, few of us remember to wipe the wipers. This results in streaks and dirt spreading on your window the next time you use them. It can be dangerous as it impairs visibility. So, make sure that you wipe down the wipers when cleaning the windows. Using a damp towel to wipe the blades and remove dirt is enough, but you can also use a wiper treatment to add life to your wipers. 

None of us give much thought to cleaning car windows, but we should. Although it is the less glamorous part of car detailing, it is an essential one. So, make sure that you use these tips to have streak-free windows.