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Tips to Make Your Car More Eco-Friendly

Most of the car’s environmental impact is due to fuel consumption and carbon emissions that drive global warming. An eco-friendly car is a vehicle that offers great mileage and also has lower emissions. Here, we have discussed a few tips to make your car more eco-friendly. 

Fill Under-Inflated Tires

Under-inflated tires accelerate tire wear and also cause a loss of fuel economy. In simplest terms, low tire pressure increases rolling resistance that leads to increased fuel consumption. Under-inflation of the tire by 10% causes a 2% reduction in fuel economy and a simultaneous increase in carbon emissions. Hence, you should maintain recommended tire pressure in all tires. Check the tire pressure regularly (at least once in a month) and fill under-inflated tires. 

Remove the Roof Rack

Do you remember the last time you used the car’s rack roof? The rack roof is used only on long road trips when you need space to carry extra luggage. The rest of the time, the roof rack remains unused causing aerodynamic drag and reducing fuel economy. Remove the roof rack to enhance fuel economy and also reduce carbon emissions. 

Pay Attention to Routine Maintenance 

Keeping your car in tip-top condition is crucial to make it more eco-friendly. Getting routine maintenance done can help you keep the car in good condition. Oil changes after every 5000 miles is important. As oil gets older, it gets thicker and dirty. The result is it does not flow easily and cannot provide optimal protection to engine components from friction. In such conditions, the engine has to work hard (burn more fuel) to move the car. Changing engine oil and performing other routine maintenance ensures the smooth performance of the engine and other components that gives you a good fuel economy. 

Reduce Use of Air-Conditioning

Car’s air-conditioning puts a load on the electrical system of the car and the engine. The additional load of the air-conditioning requires the engine to burn more fuel to provide enough power to the AC. According to car AC experts, the use of the air-conditioning system increases fuel consumption by 20% or more. To enhance fuel economy and reduce carbon emissions, use AC only when needed. For example, you can avoid using AC on short trips and roll down windows to cool yourself. Also, you can park the car in the shade. This will prevent heating of the cabin and you don’t have to start the AC on full blast to cool the cabin faster. 

Fill the Fuel Tank The Right Way

While filling the tires with air is recommended, you should not overfill the fuel tank at the gas station. Overfilled tanks can leak actual fuel, which is nothing but wastage. Topping off the gas tank can cause the pressure to build up in the tank that may flood the carbon vapor collection system, which is only meant for vapor. Overfilling the fuel tank can affect the car’s performance.

 To make the earth a better place to live, we should all strive to reduce air pollution. Fortunately, the tips to make your car eco-friendly are easy to follow and you will experience positive results in a short period.