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Used Car Buying Factors You Might Be Overlooking

Used Car Shopping Tips

Buying a used car is the best option if you find that your dream car is not fitting your budget. Generally, buyers focus only on the positive aspects of a used vehicle, but when buying a pre-owned car, there are some factors that shouldn’t be neglected. An in-depth inspection of the vehicle is the best approach when buying a used car. While shopping, you should keep in mind the buying tips mentioned below.

1. Prefer Certified Cars:
You can reduce the risks of buying a used car by buying a certified pre-owned vehicle. They undergo a multi-point inspection by the dealership to ensure that their quality is on par with new cars. These cars are fitted with genuine company parts and are not less than 6 years old. They are checked for road safety, dents, paint mismatches, abnormal wear and tear, as well as engine performance. Check the perks offered by a licensed dealer. They may include a limited warranty along with roadside assistance.
2. Avoid Salvage Titles
A car with a salvage title is not fit for driving. You should check the pink slip or registration document in this regard. A car listed with a salvage title is the one that had a major accident where the cost to repair it was higher than its value. Insurance companies record such vehicles as totaled. Buyers should be aware that such vehicles might have voided warranties and are not eligible for comprehensive insurance.
3. Check for Accessories and Keys/Locks
While buying a used car, you should ask the seller for all the accessories that come with the car. Things like key fobs, remote start devices, wheel locks, etc., are important accessories of a vehicle and the seller should be ready to pass it on. Also, remember to ask if there is a second or duplicate key. Check to see if original tools (like the jack) that came with the vehicle is included, as well as the spare tire. Apart from these, check service records and the car’s extended warranty document of the vehicle. A certified pre-owned car is comprehensively verified by the dealer.
4. Estimate Cost of Repairs
One should be aware that a used car comes with some wear and tear. You should calculate the estimated cost of repairing it and add it to the purchase price. This will let you know the net cost of your vehicle. As a buyer, it is important to evaluate the cost incurred after purchasing the car. A vehicle with excessive wear and tear should be avoided as you’ll have to spend more money on repairs. You can make an assessment of the repairing cost from verified service stations.
These are some of the important factors that should be considered when buying a pre-owned car.

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