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Winter Maintenance Tips

Winter Maintenance Tips

Winter is not over yet. Unlike other seasons, the winter season is hard on your car. The extreme cold conditions and snowfall puts stress on different car systems. According to experts, winter maintenance is essential to keep your car roadworthy. Here are some good winter maintenance tips that can be helpful to you.

Swap Regular Tires Out
Regular tires are for warmer climates. According to tire experts, regular tires stop performing below freezing. The tread rubber of regular tires starts hardening at sub-zero temperatures and the tire is more like a hard plastic ball that simply rolls on the surface. In simple words, there is no traction performance. Hence, tire experts suggest car owners swap regular tires out and fit on winter tires. Winter tires have a special rubber formulation that ensures the tread rubber stays soft even at sub-zero temperatures. This means the tires can grip snow covered roads better and offer much-needed stability and grip on wet surfaces.
Change Motor Oil
If you have not changed your motor oil for a year, winter is a perfect time to change it. You need to select a lower viscosity motor oil for winter that flows freely even at colder temperatures. If you choose regular motor oil, it is more likely to become thicker at colder temperatures and you could face engine starting problems.
Check Battery
Batteries can wear fast which is why experts recommend changing the battery every three years. Cold weather affects batteries the most. If you have not performed battery maintenance during the summer season, your battery could be in poor condition. A weaker battery is more likely to die in the winter season. Check the battery for any loose joints or signs of corrosion. Get the battery checked from a professional and get it fully charged. If the battery is not able to hold a charge for a long period, consider replacing the battery.
Check Wiper Blades
During the winter, windshields get covered by snow and ice often. Hence, you will need working wiper blades in the winter season. According to experts, you need to change wiper blades twice a year. Check the wiper blades for any cracks. Run the wiper blades and see if they clean the windshield properly. If the windshield misses large expanses of the windshield, you need to get new wiper blades.
Check Tire Pressure
During the winter, the air pressure in tires gets reduced with falling temperatures. According to experts, for every 10°F drop, the tire will lose 1 psi. Driving on tires with low inflation pressure causes tires to wear faster. This means you need to get new tires early. Hence, you need to always maintain the right air pressure in all tires, including the spare tire.
Keep Fuel Tank Full
When colder water vapor comes into contact with the warmer surface, condensation occurs. If you leave the fuel tank half full, the water vapor will collect in the empty space of the fuel tank which will condense later. This may lead to water getting mixed with gasoline and can lead to freezing of fuel lines.
If you have not performed winter maintenance yet, you are more likely to experience unexpected car breakdowns. Don’t wait for such things to happen, get winter maintenance done now.

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