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5 Essential Car Accessories

Car Accessories

Car manufacturers include multiple safety and comfort features in their vehicles. However, they cannot provide every car accessory desired by car owners. There are several car accessories on the market that can make your drives more safe and comfortable. We have compiled a list of five essential car accessories that you need in your car for the next road trip.

1. Car Air Purifier
Just like an air purifier for your home, a car air purifier brings several health benefits. Many car owners don’t realize that dirt particles can get inside the car cabin, even when windows are closed. Though car air filters work to keep the car environment clean, they are not always effective. Many times small dust particles, allergens, microbes and pollen find their way inside the car. A car air purifier has a triple filtration system, ionizer, high-quality charcoal and a HEPA filter that gets rid of almost every dirt particle and microorganism inside the car’s cabin. One added advantage is it fills the car’s environment with a scent that is relaxing and pleasant at the same time.
2. Puncture Repair Spray
Puncture repair spray allows you to repair a flat tire in an easy way. It does not require you to remove the tire to fix a flat tire. All you have to do is remove the thing that caused the puncture, shake the spray well, and tightly screw the appropriate fitting on the inner tube’s valve and empty content of the puncture repair spray inside the tube. The puncture repair spray does not require tools to fix a flat tire. You can easily drive your car up to 60 miles until you need to get the repaired tube replaced.
3. Car Escape Tool
The car escape tool is a must-have car accessory that prepares you to deal with serious accidents. After an accident, the first thing to do is get out of the car to prevent more injuries and get some help. The car escape tool kit contains a seatbelt cutter, a glass breaker, knife, and an LED flashlight, all of which prove useful in emergencies.
4. Inflatable Car Bed
Sitting in an upright position for long hours can strain your back. After a long drive, there’s nothing better than sleeping on a comfortable mattress. An inflatable car bed can convert your back seats into a comfortable bed. The inflatable car bed comes with an electric air pump that is used to inflate the car bed. The electronic air pump can be plugged into the cigarette lighter outlet in your car.
5. Car Battery Jump Starter
A dead battery can put a sudden end to any trip. With a car battery jump starter, you’ll never be stuck with a dead battery. A car battery jump starter can give you more 70 jump starts on a single charge. It can also be used to charge your smartphone!
With the right kind of car accessories, your long road trips can become safer and more enjoyable. So next time you prepare for a road trip, make sure you take along these car accessories.