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Quick Tips for De-Icing Your Windshield

If you live in a region that receives snowfall, you will find your windshield covered under a blanket of snow many times during winter. Clearing the snow from the windshield is crucial before driving your car. To make things easier for you, we have given some quick tips for de-icing your windshield. 

Wrong Ways to De-Ice Your Windshield 

Before you learn quick tips for de-icing your windshield, you should know some of the mistakes people make while de-icing their windshields:

  • Don’t pour hot water to melt the ice accumulated on the windshield. Though it melts some ice on the windshield, the sudden change in temperature leads to cracks in the windshield. In that case, you have to replace the windshield.
  • Don’t use a metal scraper to scrape off the ice on the windshield. Though it removes ice from the windshield, the scrapping action causes scratches on the windshield that affects its clarity.
  • Some people thump the windshield with force to break the ice. Such action can also break the windshield. 

Use the Defroster Option

Modern cars come fitted with an automatic or manual climate control system. Start the engine of the car and let it be in idle mode. Select the defroster option and run the blower with full power. Some cars also have optional electronic heating of windshield that can be used for de-icing your windshield. 

Use De-icing Solution 

You can buy commercial de-icer sprays for de-icing your windshield. The market is full of various types of de-icer sprays. All you have to do is ask the auto shop salesperson for a good de-icer spray for the windshield. 

Alternatively, you can prepare a de-icing solution at home and use it for de-icing your windshield. Here are the steps to follow:

Saltwater Solution 

The saltwater solution’s freezing point is lower than that of freshwater. When ice on the windshield comes in contact with a saltwater solution, it starts to melt. Take an empty spray bottle and pour water in it. Add two scoops of home salt or rock salt to the water in a spray bottle. Shake the bottle to allow the salt to dissolve completely. Spray the saltwater solution on the windshield and see the ice melt away.

Isopropyl Alcohol Solution 

Just like saltwater, isopropyl alcohol’s freezing temperature is below the freshwater freezing point. Take isopropyl alcohol and water in a 7:2 ratio. Prepare the solution and put it in a spray bottle and use it for de-icing your windshield 

Scrape Ice with Soft Squeegee

After spraying the de-icing solution, you may have to wait for some time to see the ice melt away completely. If you want quick results, take a soft squeegee and scrape off the loosened ice from the windshield. Alternatively, you can also run the wipers to clean the ice from the windshield. 

Snow-covered windows can be a driving hazard. Following the de-icing tips above will give you windshield free of snow that will make driving easier and safer during winter.